Happy Fathers Day, Dad!   Leave a comment

I think I’ve always known how special my Dad is.  It’s not something I’ve learned to appreciate over the years because, quite simply, I knew from a very early age.  Circumstances set the basis for my appreciation and time has only made me treasure every minute we spent together even more.  Weekends were priceless.  With no work or school, many of my formative years meant that…

Saturdays were spent at the local football (soccer) match, and then a stop at our favourite restaurant where we would sit and chat the evening away.

Sundays found us driving with no real destination in mind.  After navigating the twists and turns of narrow country lanes, we always landed in a quaint, English village in the countryside or along the coastal shores.  A mid-day break would inevitably be local pub-grub (in the side where kids were allowed, of course!) before moving on to the next place of mystery.

As unconventional as our life was at the time, I wouldn’t have traded my Dad for anything.  He was, and is, an amazing man and if I had hand-picked him to be my father, I couldn’t have made a better choice.  So, whether your Dad is actually your dad, or someone that has become like a Father to you, tell me what makes him so special, then go and tell him.


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