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Going Home!   Leave a comment

10:30pm, gate 31, across from us is Lady #1, 70 something with snow white hair and a gentle expression. She’s filing her nails and everything about what she does and how she looks reminds me so much of my Nanny (bless her cotton socks!). Next to her sits Lady #2, East Indian, a touch younger and wearing a traditional sari. I watch to see if they strike up a conversation…they don’t. Along comes Lady #3 who has that worn, north of England, worked hard since she was 13 kind of look (I swear I know what her accent will be when she talks). Have they all just left their grown children, the ones that ventured to this country many years ago to begin a new life and family? Are they now on their way back home to an empty house? Lady #1 is soon wheeled away to prepare for boarding. #2 finally breaks the ice by starting a conversation with #3 who displays a toothless grin. I smile and find myself hoping they will be seated together. Read the rest of this entry »


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