PC Owner Desperately Wants To Be A Mac Lover   Leave a comment

I messed up, I admit it!  Six years ago I made a mistake.  I replaced my deceased desktop PC with another desktop PC.  WHAT WAS I THINKING??  Well, truth be told, I wasn’t…thinking, that is.  At that time, I’d never even considered a Mac.  Oh sure, I knew they existed but I wasn’t working in close proximity with them like I do now so their model-type physique and pretty desktop with bouncing icons wasn’t hitting me square in the face each time I walked past.  Even my 15 yr old daughter (at the time) knew, without a doubt, that she wanted a Mac laptop.  Of course, my careful coaching over the years about how to take care of it has absolutely nothing to do with my wanting to use it too.  I have to admit, I really look forward to it coming home from school for the occasional weekend (um, I mean ‘her’ coming home from school…darn, she’s gonna be crushed that I let that slip) and if plans keep her otherwise occupied, Mac and I get to spend time alone.  No longer having to make the trek down the hallway to the ‘office’, we snuggle on the couch together and, on a sunny day, you may even find us on the patio. The only thing missing is usually someone to deliver a constant stream of long, cool drinks!  I love that I can sit anywhere with Mac…even in the tub (kidding!).  Guess I’m just gonna have to get me one o’ them…


Posted November 11, 2011 by Jaclyn in Random

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