Oh No, It’s THAT Time Of Year Again!   4 comments

Resolution, schmesolution….seriously, what’s the point? The majority of us set ourselves up for failure simply by entertaining the thought in our heads. Water cooler conversations about giving up refined sugar or going to the gym more often are great for small talk but they never seem to amount to anything…for me anyway! Okay, I admit it…I would love to lose a few of my wobbly bits and if it wasn’t for Zumba, I wouldn’t even know what the inside of a gym looks like but I’ve resolved the same things for too many years to even bother anymore! And give up chocolate? Well, I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. So, going forward, I’ve decided to make a different kind of resolution.

1) To the person that lets the door slam in my face, I will say “Thank you” (out loud, instead of muttering it sarcastically under my breath).

2) To the person for whom I held the door and received not a single word of thanks, I will say “You’re welcome” (out loud, instead of muttering it sarcastically under my breath).

3) To the person with 15 items in an 8 item checkout….okay, chances are I’m not going to say anything directly to them. First off, I shy away from confrontation and b) I don’t know what kind of nut bar I might be dealing with so I’ll just take a deep breath, utter an audible sigh and take pleasure in the fact that I am a more reasonable and considerate person.

I do have one personal goal, though, that doesn’t affect strangers and it’s to not put off until tomorrow what I can do today. Now, it may come as a shock but I can be a HUGE procrastinator so it’s something that I really need to get in check. But it’s January 3rd which means I’ve already missed out on 3 days of implementing my resolution so I think I’ll save that one for next year…yeah, I really think that’s best.

Do you dare to make a New Years Resolution?


Posted January 3, 2012 by Jaclyn in Holidays

4 responses to “Oh No, It’s THAT Time Of Year Again!

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  1. Well it’s that time of year again… When I wish my good coworker a happy bday

  2. I think resolutions are a good thing because it exposes a desire to change for the better. Sure you may fail, but at least you’re giving it a try… And who know’s this just might be the year it actually happens.

    A positive attitude is key as well, not only for yourself but for the next generation heeding your example. I can’t imagine a loving parent say to their children, “don’t bother, you’re just gonna fail.” Now you might think I’m being extreme, but we all need hope and encouragement toward attaining our goals.

    I may not be setting resolutions because the calendar date changed, but I will set goals because it’s something that points me in the right direction.

    Back to you, what do you think?

    • What do I think? I think you’re really calling me out on this one, aren’t you? But, you’re right, YTIGPME. I wholeheartedly agree that resolutions are a good thing and I would never even consider telling my child, or any other child, not to bother. This post came more from a place inside my own head where I know my track record for past resolutions. But during the last few months I set some goals for myself (some pretty serious ones at that) and the most wonderful thing is that I actually ACHIEVED them. What makes it even more of an accomplishment for me is that not one of them was a resolution from last year. So, I guess it’s not so much about when you make them, but more about when you have the determination to get them done.

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