Shaky Leaf Syndrome   2 comments

Hmmm, so where exactly did I come from? Well, that’s easy. I emigrated from the UK to Canada more years ago than I care to admit. Obviously, prior to that I came from two people who, regardless of how things turned out, actually did love each other nine months before the stork dropped me off. I also know the origin of both my mum and my dad because I was surrounded by grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins, but sadly no grandfathers.

Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t have all that except for the occasional transatlantic family visit. It’s almost like she ‘began’ here in Canada and, well, the truth of the matter is… she didn’t. So, where am I going with all this?

Well, it all started with a letter that my dad received a while ago from a Genealogist and Probate Research Company. During my last visit home, I gripped the letter and was fascinated by the wealth of information such as birth and death dates of family members from generations back. I scribbled some notes in my book before returning home and couldn’t wait to start digging down to the roots of my family tree.

Around this time there were many adverts about Ancestry, the online family search site and Who Do You Think You Are?, the show on telly. I thought to myself “How serendipitous is that?” (Serendipityone of my favourite words and movie). Promptly signing up for the Ancestry free trial was the beginning of 2 weeks spent with my butt and fingers glued to my keyboard and couch (but not in that order, LOL). Sifting through census documents led to snippets of information, and all this without paying a penny. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE the net?

The trial period flew by and this digging and delving had become my drug of choice. I was addicted, so much so that I paid for 1 month so that I could continue the search for my past. I watched for the shaky leaf to appear, hinting to me about a possible connection and each day there were more and more shaky leaves. It was almost like someone was standing there jumping up and down, with their hand in the air, eager to tell me their story. Each leaf would connect me to someone who would connect me to someone else and in a little over 4 weeks I’ve been able to go back over 200 years. So cool!

I found passenger records of a relative that travelled by ship to Canada to work for a while, just as I did, the only difference being that I stayed. After all is said and done, am I looking for a skeleton in a closet, an ancestor with a criminal record or somebody famous? Well, I’m open to it all because whatever is revealed is going to give me a glimpse into days gone by and into the lives of people of whom I am a descendant. Whatever I find will be okay with me…I just want to find it.


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  1. So what came first… The chicken or the egg?

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