Aloha – My Hawaiian Diary (Part One)   4 comments

“There’s a genuine delight in this island and in the fact, that among all the high-dollar tourism, world-famous surfing and movie-star real estate, there exists the paradoxical sense that you’ve finally found the place you’ve always dreamed about, the one beyond the end of the road where you can leave it all behind and just stay……”

I found the saying above purely by chance but it rings so true with me. That’s why I decided to write this journal so that I could document as much as possible about our trip to the islands. My hope is that, in years to come, I will be able to look back and relive this time just by reading about it – and it also lets me pretend that I am the travel writer/photographer I always wanted to be! It’s just a story, so to speak, but it’s my story about a trip I have always wanted to take and finally, just did! And who knows, maybe one day I will………‘just stay’.

We’re flying to Vancouver but the excitement of the trip still hasn’t hit me. It’s hard to believe we’re actually on our way to Hawaii. At this moment in time, I’m excited to see the Rockies that I’ve heard about for so long. Funny, how I have lived in this country so many years yet never made it out West. Flying over them still doesn’t afford me a good look since we're seated on the wrong side of the plane. However, I have no problem rubbernecking like a giraffe to catch a few glimpses through the opposite window but alas, no pictures. For now though, my mind is firmly fixed on the trip ahead and I’m waiting for that magical moment to happen, the one where I realise that I’m actually sampling a little piece of paradise, even if it is only for a short while.

At US security in Vancouver we got sidelined by a guard and without sharing the specific reason for this extremely rude interruption to the beginning of my dream trip, suffice it to say the dream did not die that day. With 2 hours to wait for our connecting flight, we settle down and I reach for my ‘stuff’…. MP3 player and crossword book but they don’t get much use because my favourite thing to do is people-watch (and, I admit it, a little eavesdropping!). Airports tell many stories; the eloping couple, the obligatory trip to Grandma’s and the students off on a philanthropic odyssey who, unknowingly, make me feel as though I’ve done nothing good in the world. I enjoy watching and listening to the travellers in non-western clothing and I try to figure out which country they hail from. I once told a lady, in a Sears parking lot, that she looked beautiful in her traditional African dress and headpiece …simply because she did! After learning that she was from Ghana, I became interested in teaching myself the names of the African countries (still a work in progress, I might add!).

As we leave Vancouver, the flight over the Pacific Ocean is, for me at least, the beginning of the trip. It’s where it starts to become real and I get a little flutter of excitement. Shay and I watch a movie then she sleeps while I watch another one. Never one to sleep on a plane, no matter how long the journey, I ‘people-watch’ here too and although I’ve flown a million times, I still spend hours looking out of the window marvelling at how these flying sardine tins are able to sail swiftly through the air, connecting us all and making the world slightly smaller as we fulfill our geographical dreams. Flying for 5 hours strictly over water has an almost eerie feeling. Have you ever noticed how the terrain below you – white clouds and blue water – reflects the terrain above you – white clouds and blue sky? So cool!

We land in Honolulu and are greeted with the mesmerizing scent of purple and white orchid leis as they are placed around our necks. Flowers back home just don’t smell this good! Now I really feel as though I have arrived in the Hawai`ian Islands and I’m ready to begin making a treasure book of memories. We head outside and the heat envelops us like a warm blanket. It’s a wonderful 31C/87F!

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4 responses to “Aloha – My Hawaiian Diary (Part One)

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  1. I love it. I can’t wait to read part 2. Someday, I plan to take my Shay to Hawaii as well. It may be this coming February if GOD willing.

    • Oh, you definitely should…and maybe I’ll come along too so she can teach me the hula moves…LOL. Funny, we were just talking about grass skirts and coconuts before class last night.

  2. I can’t wait for part 2! So what would you say is your fave island?

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. I would definitely have to say I’ve been Maui’d (and that doesn’t mean I’m not single anymore…lol). A stunning island where you can go from ocean bed to surfboard to the summit of a volcano…all in one day!

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