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Today I had my first Hot Yoga class. I’m not sure what I expected but it wasn’t actually as hot I thought it would be. I had visions of coals in the corner, sizzling and steaming when someone threw water on them. The instructor shows me how to lay out my mat. Well, not so much how but where (because I can lay my mat out all by myself, I’ll have you know!).

Apparently there are lines to stay between so with my place reserved, second mat in from the door (ideal for a sneaky getaway), I head back outside. I chat with another member who after learning it’s my first time ever, offers the following tip: don’t watch other people but focus on one spot in the mirror. Well, that’s a little hard when you can’t see the mirror because someone is between the lines in front of you (note to self…next class, move up front). So, the spot I chose to focus on was a pulled thread on the shirt back of the woman in green. I just hope we don’t turn to face the other way because it’s a blank wall so, basically, I’ll be screwed. Anyone looking at me can tell I’m a newbie. I watch everyone, partly because I’m a people-watcher by nature but mostly so that I know what to do. They are all laying flat on their backs with legs straight out, palms face up, middle finger touching thumb so that’s what I do. “Hey, look at me! I’m doing yoga!!”

After a few seconds, a searing pain shoots through my left butt cheek and brings back memories of my herniated disc from 15 years ago. Well, isn’t this a great start! The instructor walks in to the room via my sneaky getaway door and I feel a rush of cool breeze from the foyer that is so enticing. I modify the position I’m in so that my legs are slightly bent and the pain goes away. Drat! Now I have to stay. Anyway, knowing my luck, I’d probably trip over someone during my great escape so…here goes nothing.

The position names sounded kind of cool, if I could only remember them. Right now, all I can recall is that I stood like a tree, an eagle, a half moon, a stick, a cobra and a triangle. Who knew I was so talented? Then there was the ‘Awkward Pose’ and let me tell you, I got that down pat. But the piece de resistance was the one that had me doing the splits, sideways no less, while resting the top of my head on the floor. Impressed yet? Then came that little bead of sweat, the one that started at my neck, ran over my chin and made a beeline for my eye while I was practically upside down….and I didn’t even flinch. Now you’re impressed, right?

Then there was the Wind Removing pose, ah yes. Well, the less said about that the better.During the Standing Bow, it finally hit me why the placement of mats is so precise. It’s so that our sweaty hands don’t slip off our sweaty feet and slap the person next to us clear up side the head. Hmmm, I’m thinking gloves for my next class wouldn’t be a bad idea.

All in all, I was very proud of myself for staying for the full 90 mins and not wimping out and laying on my mat during any of the poses. It’s a tough workout, but I’m happy to report that I’m tougher than I realized. So tough that when I stood up a little too fast and then bent down to pick up my stuff, that floor didn’t hurt me one little bit!!


2 responses to “Hot Yoga

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  1. Mirrors? There were no mirrors in the ashram. None!

    You’ll see better inside with your eyes closed. Plus, nothing will be in reversed image. Or maybe that’s just the old hippie yogi continuing.

    Actually, I’m still perplexed by all the branding. Hatha should be hatha, leading into raja, etc. Now, inhale, exhale, repeat.


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