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To go or not to go…that is the question! Yeah, yeah, I know that’s Shakespeare but his quote fits my dilemma. When you’re not on a schedule, it’s a jolt to suddenly have to be on one when planning a day out. I’ve always wanted to visit Bath and even though it’s only about an hour’s drive from where I grew up, for some reason my Dad and I never went. Perhaps I was one of those kids that wouldn’t have appreciated its many historical charms at such a young age.

Today is supposed to be sunny and about 22, beautiful weather for Spring in England but as I head to the train station it’s cloudy and depressing. The cows are lying down so it must be about to rain (as a child I was told this but I’m sure sometimes the cows were simply tired!). It’s today or never so I’m armed with my jacket and umbrella and a cardi I can whip off if the weather man gets it right. Simply carrying these items will hopefully ward off the inevitable. The 7:55am train to Bath Spa affords me spectacular views of ‘England’s green and pleasant land’…due mostly to the rain that I appreciate sincerely but will appreciate even more if it doesn’t make an appearance today.

Trundling along, the expanse of fields is endless. About half way there, off in the distance, I spy the glow of sunshine radiating on a farm high on a hill. It’s as if someone shone a flashlight down into this grey, dismal day. I glance upwards and literally see a line drawn across the sky separating the gloom from the glow. Woohoo!!

Bradford-on-Avon is one stop before Bath Spa and is the prettiest train station I have ever seen. As we approach, I see the River Avon and the well kept station gardens. Unfortunately, I fail to get a photo but the imprint will stay in my mind forever. You, on the other hand, will have to go there to see it because any photos I have searched and found simply do not do it justice.

Ticket in hand for the City Sightseeing Tour Bus, one of the best ways to see any city, I head up towards the Abbey and the Roman Baths before the crowds hit. It’s only a ten minute walk but it allows me a glimpse of other parts of the city and I can hop on the bus later.

Bath is a city steeped in history but history was never my strong suit in school and now that I’m all grown up (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) I’m sad to say that things haven’t changed much. I read the info cards in museums and such and I listen to audio guides which, by the way are great at the Roman Baths, but I don’t absorb the historical facts enough to remember them. I did manage to retain that Jane Austen, Anna Sewell and Mary Shelley, all famous writers, lived in Bath at one time or another. Basically, all I really want to do is look: at great gardens, scenery and nature, at people and at my favourite…stunning architecture.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I’m sad to say that although the rain kept its distance, the clouds hovered above and chased away the glow from earlier in the day but at least there were no showers in Bath (hah!).


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