Canadian By Choice, But Forever A Brit At Heart   2 comments

Union Jack Maple Leaf

Today I’m missing all things British more than usual. Not really sure why but probably 2 trips back to England in less than 5 months to bury family members has something to do with it. Since moving to Canada donkeys years ago, I haven’t gone back across the pond nearly as much as I would have liked so, I guess you could say, over the last few months I’ve experienced a bigger dollop of my own culture in a short space of time and that probably accounts for these feelings.

So what IS it that I miss precisely? Family? Well, that’s a given. But there’s more, so much more…

The Ocean: Visiting the seaside is a very British thing to do and we don’t care if it’s spring, summer or autumn; walking along the front or sitting in a deck chair; the salty sea air; relishing the musical backdrop of squawking seagulls and the sound of waves crashing as they trip over each other on their race to the shore.

The Grub: breathing in the fumes from vinegar-soaked paper-wrapped fish n’ chips while walking along the ocean front (aah, heaven!); a full English breakfast (yummy and not just served until 11am as it is here), Cornish Pasties, Marmite, Walkers Crisps (Steak n’ Onion flavour, omg), Pickled Onions amd Polos (but not together), to name just a few!

Red Icons such as Telephone Boxes, Post Boxes and Double Decker Buses: jumping on a bus as it pulls away; hanging onto the back pole while it veers around a bend; I’ve had many a free ride in London from the days when I would hop on and off without paying because the fare-collecting conductor hadn’t reached me before my stop.

The Countryside: country roads with crazy, winding S-bends; lanes so narrow that one car has to almost pull into the hedge to allow the other to pass; honking your horn before slowly rounding a sharp curve; discovering the prettiest little village with hidden charms and a great local pub serving a Sunday roast. As a kid, I loved those trips with my Dad. On weekends, we would jump in the car and just go….anywhere. No map, no ideas. Just by taking this turn and that turn we’d end up at some off-the-beaten-path location and find unique things and interesting people. 

Architectural Delights: buildings so old you just long to go back in time hundreds of years and experience the events of the day with the people of that era; churches, homes with true character inside and out, not just bricks and glass.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada and even with all that I miss about my little island, I have never regretted moving here. But my heart belongs to England, and probably always will.

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2 responses to “Canadian By Choice, But Forever A Brit At Heart

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  1. Me sentiments exactly Jaclyn

    We are both “True Brits” LOL

    I miss my little England , but Canada is a great place to live too , a bit cold but
    less rain. !

    • I just wish I sounded more British, like you, but I guess I tried to ‘fit in’ when I arrived here. For years now, whenever I run into British people, I think to myself, “I wish I could talk like that”….LOL. Thanks for commenting, and come back soon!

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