New York…Not Just a Bite, but the Whole Big Apple!   Leave a comment

Crystal Apple“These vagabond shoes, they are longing to stray. Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York.” ~ Frank Sinatra

…and our sandals definitely strayed, for about 9 miles to be exact on Day One of this trip. From our hotel at East 51st and 2nd, to Rockefeller Centre and Top of the Rock, to Times Square, and around Central Park. We cheated by taking the metro to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal (7km we were not going to walk) but after our ferry trip, we strolled around the Financial District, World Trade Centre and Tribeca before catching the metro back to see Times Square at night. The next morning, we had to buy running shoes.

A sea of identical yellow cabs…it’s what I expected to see, you know, based on movies and such. Pleasantly disappointed because being the last week of August, the streets were not jammed to the edges and the cabs I did see were an assortment of yellow hybrids, newer model cars and suv’s.

TOP OF THE ROCK – Ugly plexiglass surrounds the Top of the Rock. Even with it, the views are breathtaking and you can snap photos by sticking your camera between the gaps. But make sure you head up one more flight to the 70th floor to snap some phenomenal views…with no barriers. It’s cheaper than the view from the Empire State Building and you get to see it.

CENTRAL PARK – A lively oasis of tranquility amid this asphalt and glass jungle and over twice the size of Hyde Park, London. We walked about half of Central Park and took in its many charms. Friendly baseball games, lush green lawns, and numerous street artists and performers along The Mall and below the bridge at Bethesda Terrace. Heading away from Bow Bridge, we turned towards Strawberry Fields and struggled to get a shot of the Imagine mosaic without someone kneeling on it.

TIMES SQUARE – A lot smaller than I imagined it and more of a triangle but I guess Times Triangle just doesn’t have the same ring to it. We’re here and you have to see it at least once, I guess, but neither of us have any real interest in hanging around.

STATEN ISLAND FERRY – A completely FREE alternative to the Statue of Liberty cruises. You don’t get as close but I was okay with that. New York is not cheap so if you can do something for free, why not? The views of the Manhattan skyline are the same…stunning!

Next Stop: Brooklyn


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