Is There An Art to Appreciating Art?   Leave a comment

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum – The building itself looks like a toilet but I wouldn’t dare go so far as to say that the ‘art’ inside is crap (oops, sorry, did I just say that?). But, seriously, most of it I just don’t get…and the rest, well, as far as I’m concerned, it just ain’t art.

I stop to watch a young woman tilt her head this way, then that way, then the other way. What is she seeing? I have no idea. I know what I see…a black square on a white background. Headphones on, she has an audio guide so perhaps is being instructed in the art of ‘looking at art’…perhaps it helps her see the real significant meaning of this piece. I shake my head and walk away still thinking of it as a black square on a white background.

Then there’s a long wooden box, with a glass front, protruding from a wall. What’s this? I wonder. I don’t have an audio guide but maybe I should do what that woman did. I stand directly in front of the long wooden box with the glass front and tilt my head this way, then that way, then the other way. “Okay, my hair looks good. Let’s go! I want my $25 back!”


On to MOMA – the Museum Of Modern Art. Now this is more like it. There are pieces here that I enjoy looking at simply because they are beautiful and painted by people that actually had talent, some I would even like to display on my own walls. There are others that, although of an abstract nature, at least I can decipher what they are so I kinda like them too. If you’ve ever seen the movie Double Jeopardy, you’ll be familiar with Kandinsky. Gorgeous vibrant colours but I have to say I don’t ‘love’ his paintings. However, it’s pretty neat to see one for real. As for the soccer player, I’m still looking so if you see him, please let me know.

Art is subjective and extremely personal. It’s the gift that many people would love to receive but that nobody dare give. Art is how artists express themselves and I liken it to how us ‘regular, non-artsy folk’ express ourselves. Some are a joy to be around and you appreciate something new and wonderful every time you look at them. Some are so unpleasant you never want to see them again and others simply puzzle you beyond belief.

So, to answer my own question, I don’t think there’s an art to appreciating art. I think it’s much simpler than that. You either love it or you don’t! What do you think?

Posted October 5, 2013 by Jaclyn in New York

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