A Stalker in our Midst   Leave a comment

One day last summer I was trapped in my backyard unable to get back into my house. Nobody was home and I wasn’t sure what to do because someone was desperately trying to get in through the door. Now before you start getting worried that it was some sort of home invasion, it wasn’t. At least not the kind you hear about in the news…phew, I hear you say!

You see, there’s a new cat in the neighbourhood and, quite by chance one day, it rushed through our front door, the result of which can only be described as an episode from Looney Tunes as we tried to shoo it out. I say ‘it’ because I haven’t been close enough to check out its nether regions – on second thoughts, how close does one have to be to check out a cats nether regions? Anyway, for the purpose of this story, we’ll call it ‘Cat’.

Cat was in my backyard cozying up to the back door, trying desperately to gain entry. I moved away from the door and Cat followed me, continuing to weave slinkily around my legs. As Cat began to saunter away, I made a dash for the door but it soon became apparent – I was no match for Cat. As I opened the door a crack, Cat tried to get leverage by putting a paw inside. After about 10 mins of this back and forth, I was finally able to escape into the safety of my home.

Why was I so concerned with not letting Cat in? Well, for one reason, Bird (our Cockatiel) was on top of her cage and I’m quite sure she would have literally freaked at the sight of such an unwelcome visitor.

Every once in a while when my daughter and I pull into the driveway, Cat is on the lawn, ready…and waiting to race us to the front door. One day, we introduced our Pup to Cat. Pup is a fur-shaking, nail biting, scaredy cat (pardon the un-pun) and Cat simply had no interest whatsoever in our dog…except for the time Pup barked in Cat’s face. This resulted in a couple of face swipes by Cat as you will see in the video. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this movie!


The running commentary when Pup and I are out walking is “Look Honey (Pup’s real name), it’s Stalker Cat over there behind the tree waiting to beat you up again.” Ha! And one time Cat was actually there, behind a tree, but luckily there was no confrontation.

So that’s the story of our neighbourhood stalker. We have no idea where Cat lives. It pops into our lives every now and again and, when it doesn’t come around, we kinda miss it. But then again, I truly appreciate not having to come in first in the race to my very own front door.



Posted June 3, 2014 by Jaclyn in Puppy

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