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Road to Sorrento

A car picked us up in Pompei for the drive to Sorrento and en-route we passed through a series of tunnels, the last of which was about 3km long. We thought we’d never see the sunlight again but there it was. I was snapping photos like crazy as we whizzed around bends so our driver pulled over for a better view of the coastline.

Grand Hotel Flora – We enjoyed our stay here. Very clean with friendly hotel staff. The only downside was that our balcony overlooked the very narrow street and a gas station. The fumes were a little much but don’t not stay here just because of that. Get a room on the other side, with a fabulous view of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius. A ten minute walk brings us to the Piazza Tasso, the main square. Here is where I fell in love with a beautiful inlaid music box but decided to hold off until we reached Amalfi to see what other options there are for my vacation memento.

The isle of Capri (true pronunciation Cah-pree) – has never been on my bucket list. It always had that ‘celebrity-playground’ air that I was never interested in, but as we left the picturesque harbour of Sorrento by ferry and pulled into the Port of Marina Grande, Capri 35 mins later, the excitement was building.

There were plenty of well-dressed people visiting this island. It seems that people make an effort when coming here, putting on their ‘Sunday best’, so to speak. While I’m not one for shorts, I didn’t wear Capris either and, it seems, neither did many other people. We didn’t run into any celebrities (which was perfectly fine with me) although we did hear that a certain famous singer was on a nearby yacht during our visit. Roads are extremely narrow so there are few cars. The ones we did see were white convertible taxis which had a roof covering the driver and a canopy to protect the passengers in the rear seats.

Quick Bus Ride Up To Anacapri – the word ‘ana’ means upper and this higher level town is less touristy than the town of Capri. It has fewer fashion stores and more tailors and shoe makers, one of whom happily smiled and waved when he saw me with my camera at the ready.

With white headstones and flowers at every grave site, the cemetery on Capri has to be the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. With such fresh flowers, you can tell the people buried here are loved and missed immensely and on a regular basis. I can only hope to be remembered in such a way.

We took the chair lift up about 1900 feet to the top of Mount Solaro. The seatbelt in the single chair was a mere metal bar flipped across your lap but not secured in any way so, if you’re afraid of heights, it might be a little unnerving. But it’s absolutely worth the view. I was halfway up before I realized that at any second I could lose my flip-flops but then again, worse things could happen. If I do lose them, I’ll simply have to pay a visit to my friend the sandal-maker. While we soared over gardens filled with watermelons, lemon trees and stone shrines, we drink in the view across the Bay of Naples!

Our guide recommended we skip the Blue Grotto tour and take a boat cruise around the entire island instead. We’d heard about how you start on one boat, then transfer to another and then a third row boat to actually enter the grotto and that each time it costs you more money. As pretty as it looked, I wasn’t willing to risk falling overboard with my camera and I’d rather see more so we took the island cruise (1 hour for only 15 Euros) and absolutely loved it. I was awe-struck by the cobalt water, the craggy rocks and the dramatic coastline. You really HAVE to see Capri from the ocean to get the full effect of its beauty!

Click here to watch the video which also includes footage from our next stop…the Amalfi Coast.

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  1. Happy to hear that! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Ahhhh, Sorrento!!! I had one of my most relaxed and relaxing holidays ever there so thanks for all your photos as they brought lots of happy memories back!!

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