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Murano Glass Exhibit

Murano Glass Exhibit

Murano – one of 2 islands I was excited to see and it takes about 20 mins by vaporreto from Fondamente. If you are going to the glass blowing museum, it’s probably worth the drive (or in this case, the walk since there are no cars on these islands either).

I had watched the art of glass blowing on my trip in ’77 when my Dad and I were so mesmerized that we lost our tour group. Obviously we found them at some point although I don’t recall how long it took.

Most glass blowers have been relegated to this island from Venice for fear that the furnaces would spark fires in the wooden buildings. It’s an incredible art and very cool to watch if you get a chance. True artists, known as master glassmakers, still use the same types of simple iron tools used a thousand years ago and work from glass ‘recipe’ books handed down through the generations. When my Auntie died, I brought back a 12″ tall, hand-blown Murano glass clown that she bought on her trip there many years ago. Some people thing he’s creepy looking but I just love him and it reminds me of my Auntie Ena (not that she was creepy looking…you know what I mean).

Burano – this has to be the prettiest island in the Venice lagoon. Rows of brightly painted houses are a wonderful change from the drab grey concrete we’re so used to seeing in North America. As if their homes aren’t pretty enough, the owners adorn their doors with colourful hanging cloths and pots of flowers on the window sills and the walls. Seriously, everybody has a green thumb here.

Waiting for her Sailor – and fearing he may not come home. The statue of a young girl is right in front as you exit from the vaporreto stop. Such a look of anguish for someone so young (I hope he came back!).

Colour – I wander alongside the canals, watch the locals and wonder. Do they realize how special this place is? Some people have never left Canada so I’m sure some have never left Burano. Do they think the rest of the world looks like this? Possibly some of the older generations do. Imagine how disappointed they’d be if they came to Toronto and saw our drab, colourless buildings. Don’t get me wrong. Toronto is a beautiful city, but you can’t beat Europe when it comes to buildings with architectural character.

Sewing Señoras – I was hoping to see the Señoras making the lace but forgot my notes and couldn’t find them. Apparently there is one in her nineties still working this intricately detailed art with needle and thread.

Lace – memories from a time gone by. For me, it reminds me of my Nanny (grandmother) and Auntie’s house. They had both travelled quite a bit and I’m sure brought some back from here. Lace tablecloths, lace on the back and arms of the chair, lace everywhere.

Next stop, a final afternoon in Venice.

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