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Leaving Zagreb – we head towards something I’ve been looking forward to: Plitvice Lakes (pronounced “PLIT-vits-uh”), listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site since 1979.

Baby Elephant Tree, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Baby Elephant Tree, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Flora and Fauna – even with over 1200 different species of plants, including 55 different types of orchids, numerous species of butterflies and bats and even brown bears, it’s the lakes that I’ve come to see. While we didn’t actually see a bear (not sure if I’m glad or disappointed about that part), we were followed on our tour around the lakes by flies. Not the ugly black dirty type but the butter and dragon types. Butterflies flit and dragonflies hover like helicopters, following us as we walk along the boardwalk around the park. Each time I aim my camera, thinking I’ve aced this shot, they take off. Hence the reason I have no pictures…:(

Lakes – how do I even begin to describe the colour? It almost makes you wonder if they’ve put something in the water. Our first stop in the park is the main attraction. A stunning intertwining of lakes, waterfalls and rocks viewed from up high.  I want to yell at all the people below to get out of my shot. It’s nature in all its glory I want to capture, not the people like me who’ve come to see it. To access the lakes, we walk down about 200 steep steps (no flip flops here!). The stones are well worn and shiny so you’d need to be super careful if it’s been raining. Luckily for us, the weather has been superb.

Baby Elephant Tree – How adorable is this tree? Can you believe that people actually stood in front of me and said “I don’t see it. Where’s the elephant?”

Reviews – I’ve read some reviews about this national park in which people said it wasn’t worth the visit. All I can say is if you have a genuine appreciation for Mother Nature and all that she creates, this is a place you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Next stop, Zadar, Croatia.

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