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Int'l Children's Festival

Int’l Children’s Festival

International Children’s Festival – pennants adorn the streets of Sibenik. Each one is colourfully drawn by a local child and represents all the children that come here for The International Children’s Festival. It began the evening we were here so, unfortunately, we missed it.

Carvings of Locals – I missed this part of the tour but it was something about a man who carved an image of all the locals that walked by this building, children included. 

Dogs – where I live, the stores downtown all have a bowl of water for the many four -footed friends that come by. This is a medieval watering spot. It’s nice to know that they cared for their animals way back when.

Electric Light – in 1895 Mayor Ante Šupuk, a Croatian engineer, built a power plant and connected it to an alternating current system to power up the streets of Šibenik with electricity. It became the third city in the world with this type of street light.

Green Doors and Shutters – I love these buildings! There’s just something about this image that makes me want to live somewhere like this. I picture myself walking up to the door, carrying a baguette and some flowers up to my apartment.

Stay Cool – Even in medieval times, the weather could be unbearable. The stone piece to the left of the window (you have to imagine the one on the other side) was used to hang a rod and a piece of curtain. The curtain was soaked in water before hanging and ‘Voila’ (as they say in Croatia, lol), you have instant air conditioning!

Next Stop, Split, Croatia.


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