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Monument to a Tourist, Split

Monument to a Tourist, Split

Traces of War – a freshly painted home with a well-tended pretty garden, then a house riddled with bullet holes. The next, well cared for, the one after that destroyed by war, and so it continues. This is the picture of the street we pass on our way to Solin and Split. These are the derelict and abandoned Serbian homes that have never been reclaimed since the war of the 1990s.

Hotel President Solin – just 5 mins outside Split, this is our home for 2 nights. Before dinner, I wander through the park to see the trout statue. Having fed many Solin residents, it was built in honour of the fish which are endemic to the Jadro River.

Trout Statue, Solin

Trout Statue, Solin

Croatian Wedding – I pass a small church and a wedding ceremony and can see right down the short aisle where the bride and groom are kneeling. Leaning up against a wall and, with my camera at the ready, I watch it all unfold. The kissing, the hugging, the singing and the fireworks as the happy couple make an appearance.

A Day in Split – the walls consist of an imperial villa and a Roman stronghold. I love to go exploring through the hidden streets of towns that have an ‘old town’ section, which I do after our guided visit of the Palace.

Diocletian’s Palace – in the heart of Split lie the ruins of the Emperor’s Palace. His rooms were at the front facing the now beautiful promenade (well, why wouldn’t he give himself the best room in the house?). The walls and stone arches where there were once gates now form the old town and inside there are about 3,000 residents in apartments along with shops and restaurants. The outer buildings which make up the rest of the old town are built in different styles. Fans of the movie Game of Thrones will perhaps know that some scenes were filmed here in the cellars.

Bell Tower of St Domnius – 200+ steps, I almost backed out. It starts steep and with low ceilings (watch your head!) but then becomes easier as you climb the metal steps higher up. The views are incredible and I didn’t have to clamour for a great spot since there were not too many tourists (end of June).

A Monument to Me – After years of searching, I found it! I always felt I deserved one and finally someone has built a monument to ME! I always knew I was special and here’s the proof. Actually, it’s called Monument to a Tourist and I am one, so it’s fits me well.

Hunting – on the lookout for a Croatian souvenir for my daughter, I peruse the market within the walls and find it. Made out of travertine, smooth on the inside but rough cut on the outside, I think she’ll like it (sorry, I can’t tell you what it is, it will spoil the surprise!).

Ooh, dresses! – unable to resist the temptation of a lemon yellow linen dress, I um and ah until the lady convinces me to try it on. In the corner of her market stall, surrounded only by 3 flimsy walls and a curtain, I slip it on. As I change back into my own dress, my zipper becomes caught in the back of my underwear. OMG! I try for several minutes to pry it loose to no avail. I’m getting hot and bothered and my bus leaves in 10 mins (Oh no! I could be stranded here in Croatia forever! Well, there are worse things that could happen). I finally call the lady over to help and after a few minutes I turn to her and use my 2 fingers to simulate the motion of scissors cutting. She nods her head, grabs them and cuts me free. Racing back to the bus (worrying I might lose my knickers at any moment) I explain to my travelling cohorts why I’m late. They all had a real good laugh and I’m happy to be today’s entertainment!

Next stop, the road to Dubrovnik via Bosnia-Herzogovina


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