The Road to Dubrovnik via Bosnia   Leave a comment

Makarska Promenade, Croatia

Makarska Promenade, Croatia

Southern Dalmatian Coast – breathtaking scenery as we drive this route to our next destination of Dubrovnik. Along the way,we make the following stops:

Makarska – a safe harbour for pirates in days gone by, now offering the same to yachts and sailing boats.

Naretva River – Mandarin trees make up 80% of the agriculture grown here.

Bacina Lakes – 7 lakes, 6 of which form a blue-green necklace located in the Naretva River Valley.

Neum, Bosnia and Herzogovina – To get to Dubrovnik, you have to leave the stunning Croatian coastline, drive along a 12 mile sliver of just as beautiful Bosnian coastline, then re-enter Croatia again (another country to add to my list of those visited, yay!). Neum is the small town where we had a photo op and strangely, all of their souvenirs say ‘Croatia’ so no luck there. It took us twice as long to pass through border patrol (20 mins) than it did to actually drive through the country (10 mins). 

Ston – another city with a fortified wall up in the hills. Would have loved to climb it but our time is here is limited. The annual salt harvest and distribution happens here (done by hand) every August. Lunch consisted of a sandwich where each side of the roll was 6″ deep (no word of a lie!). I had to slice each piece into 3 to be able to get my mouth around it (no seriously, I did!).

Next stop, Montenegro.


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