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Kotor Windows

Kotor Windows

Black Mountain – this is what Montenegro translates to.

Currency – Montenegro uses the Euro even though they are not in the European Union. Because their currency was the German Deutsche Mark beginning in 1996, they automatically switched when the Euro came into play in 2002.

Salary – the average pay in Montenegro is about 400 Euros (approx. $550CDN). Work is mostly seasonal (Easter to November) so there’s often no work for 4 months and no guarantee of the same job the following year.

Cats – I haven’t written about the cats yet but they are absolutely everywhere. In Croatia, as well as here, they wander and they laze around. Only one I would say was a definite stray, seemingly a bit bedraggled but this may not be the case. There are plenty of restaurants in these old towns so I’m sure they are well fed, whether by accident or on purpose by tourists.

Kotor – this is our first stop in Montenegro, a country that is smaller than the state of Connecticut. Another walled city with a Stari Grad (old town) and it never gets old (well, it’s already very old but you know what I mean). I never tire of seeing walls and if I were honest, I’d say that I wish I could climb every one of them simply for the view.

Budva – one of the oldest cities in the whole Adriatic. Squeeze through narrow streets which empty out into little squares, explore every nook and cranny because you never know what you might find.

Bay of Kotor – one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Imagine Scandinavian fjords surrounding the Adriatic but with hotter weather and no ice. This is what it looks like. A short ferry ride from the Tivat Riviera across the bay brings us to Bijela and affords us a fabulous, albeit short, front row view.

Next stop, a day in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


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