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Valamar Dubrovnik President – our home for 3 nights, located on Babin Kuk. This area was settled first then enlarged to join the city with the mainland. A short 10 min bus ride and we are in the Stari Grad (old town).

Insurance – Dubrovnik has the oldest insurance law in Europe dating from the 14th century. That’s 3 centuries before Lloyds of London was formed in 1688!

Rector’s Palace – with new additions and reconstructions over the years, each architect had their own idea of how this building should look, hence the mixed styles of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. It’s a subtle blending so unless you really look, you don’t actually notice where each style begins and ends.

Fortress – The city walls are 5km long and were used to defend against people like the Venetians (funnily enough, Venice is where my journey began). Dubrovnik was on the trade crossroads of Europe and the Middle East which meant everyone and his brother wanted to conquer it. Its main trade was salt and, being as valuable as gold, the area held a certain allure.

Old and New Roofs – when the most recent war ended in 1995, 85% of the homes had been burnt. Many were stone with wood floors so only the shell of the buildings was left. You can tell the roofs which have been replaced simply by the brighter colours.

Cable Car up Mount Srd – definitely worth the 108HRK (about $20 CDN). Hard to get a good shot without the cables in the way though. Tip: when you come out of the souvenir shop, turn left and go around the side. Grab the railing and hoist yourself up for an unobstructed view of the island of Lokrum and the walled town below.

Finally Here (old town) – a short bus ride from the Hotel Valamar President in Babin Kuk brings me to the most highly anticipated part of my trip and I just knew it wouldn’t disappoint. The deep blue canvas of the Adriatic, the vibrant sienna coloured roofs and the purple bougainvillea – a colour combination I would never think to mix but here, it just works! What a stunning place and it just gets better the more I explore.

Walking the Wall – so, another wall in another Stari Grad. I believe I’ve saved the grandest and the best for last. Let’s just say this city is the main reason I came to Croatia so everything about it is exciting. I’m limited to climbing the wall between 2 and 4. The sun is high and scorching but there is no way I’m not venturing up. If you go, enter the wall on the east side at Ploce. From Pile Gate, walk the Stradun (main street) to the end and go through the arch. Turn left onto Ul Sv Dominika and walk up the slight hill. The entrance is on the right. The cost is 100HRK (about $18 CDN). Both the cable car and the wall are absolutely worth it but if you only have time to do one, walk the wall.

Wedding – I want to get married all over again because I want to do it here. I’d have to wear flat shoes so I can climb the wall but imagine how amazing those wedding photos would be! This wedding party was walking past me and I snapped a quick photo and managed to get them all without a bunch of tourists in my shot. Opportunity knocked and I was there at the right time.

Sadly, this is the end of my Croatian tour and what a fabulous time I’ve had. There’s so much more, more than I can write and sometimes you just have to skip putting pen to paper (so to speak) on certain memories. Hopefully it will stir something in you to go…to do…and to see this amazing country for yourself. I hope you do, otherwise you’re missing out.

Click here to watch a short video of my flight from Dubrovnik to London.

Next stop, staying with my Dad in England (yay so excited!).


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