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Little Venice Canal Tour

Little Venice Canal Tour

From Start to Finish – my 3 week European jaunt began in Venice, Italy so it’s quite appropriate that my journey ends in a place called Little Venice, London in my home country. The weird thing is that I didn’t even make the connection until I was actually in London. Just goes to show how slow I can be sometimes, lol.

During my trips to England, I take 1 or 2 days to visit the Big Smoke. Childhood memories include Christmas shopping among the holiday lights on Oxford Street and trips to many tourist attractions. I also lived in the city right before I moved to Canada and, over the years, I’ve repeated those visits with my daughter. Having done most of the touristy things, I now look for something a little out-of-the-ordinary. This is how I found the Canal Tour.

Regent Canal Tour – I hopped on at Little Venice and paid, on board, about $15 for a 50 min one-way trip to Camden Lock. Settling in to my seat, I realize how low in the water I am when I can actually look a duck in the eye.

We glide along passing an assortment of buildings, houses and churches and I picture a time when these barges worked by horse-power as those strong, beautiful animals plodded along the canal edge with these long narrowboats in tow. Lilliput, Narrow Escape and Ruby Tuesday are some of the creative names painted on the sides. We pass through London Zoo and catch a glimpse of some sort of warthog running alongside the fence (so cool!). On the other side, is a large netted aviary, keeping the zoo birds in and the wild birds out.

Camden Market – the trip ends here amid an eclectic mix of clothing and ‘whatever else you can imagine’ type stalls. Indian, pies and mash, Peruvian food, mac n’ cheese, Brazilian churrascaria – just a few choices of what can satisfy your hunger. There’s no way you can walk through the different smells without wanting to try a little of everything.

Allies – Roosevelt and Churchill statue, where Old and New Bond Streets meet, celebrated 50 years of peace in 1995. With Ralph Lauren just down the street, I wonder if they shopped there, lol!

Kindertransport – commemorates the arrival of Jewish children at Liverpool Street Station beginning 9 months prior to the start of World War 2.

The Eye – I’ve had my eye on The Eye for a while now. With a quick moving line, I decide to do one last touristy thing before I head home to Canada. With what must easily be a thousand people in front of me, the queue runs like a well-oiled machine taking only 40 mins for me to step into one of the capsules. The ride itself is also super smooth. Unless you look at the mechanics, you don’t even realize you’re moving because it’s so slow. The view is amazing but the Thames river is an ugly muddy colour (I don’t think I’ve ever seen it blue) which is why I’ve converted my photos to black and white, with a splash of colour on one.

The End – or is it? This 3 week journey began with a clap of thunder in Venice, Italy and has ended with a bird’s eye view of the city I love. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Now it’s time to begin planning my next trip…

Click here to see a video of my canal trip.


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