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Shay with Blue

Donor Appreciation Day at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. I first learned of this amazing place last year and I visit every few months to wander among, and visit with, the donkeys (of course!) but also the mules and let’s not forget Katie the goat.

Blue lives here and he’s my donkey. Well, he’s not actually mine but I help care for him in my very small way through sponsorship. Today, one of the volunteers wandered over to him and he took off, he had no desire to come and see me so I just put it down to him being a surly teenager (he’s turning 20 this year so hopefully at my next visit, he’ll be a bit more mature and open to hanging out for a photo op with me!). Apparently, the biggest personality resides in Blue, who just happens to be smallest donkey here. I guess it comes with the territory that he has to assert himself in some way, show them who’s in charge and all that…lol.

Rowan and Coal – these two put on quite a show, frolicking in the paddock like a couple of rambunctious boys. These mules are very young and, in the words of a volunteer, are ‘brothers from another mother’, both having come from a place of neglect. I saw them towards the end of my visit and watched them for ages, basically until kicking out time. They definitely seem to have left their very tragic past in the past and it was so beautiful to watch them play!

Thinking about where some of these creatures come from can easily make you cry, especially when you read about and see the photos at the information centre. But all the while I was here, I didn’t think of that at all because it’s obvious they have ended up in the best possible haven.

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors and visitors. Take a couple of hours to visit, pick up a brush and show them some love. You won’t regret it and they’ll love you back!

Click here to watch my video of Rowan and Coal.

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