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2016 Stockholm Sweden 4am

Stockholm at 4am

Today, the sun rose at 3:40am and I snapped this picture at 4am. Bad idea! While cool to see, it was impossible for me to fall asleep again, even with the heavy hotel drapes.

Follow a line from Stockholm to Canada and you’ll come across Churchill, Manitoba on the same latitude. Quite far north so I was prepared for cooler temps. Today’s weather, however, was a beautiful and sunny 20 degrees, quite different from the thunder showers they had predicted. We didn’t have a drop.

People Power – 250,000 people pass through the Central Train Station daily. What are they doing? Well, while going about their business, they are also helping Stockholm be a ‘green city’. Heat exchangers in the ventilation system harness their body heat which is then used to generate hot water in a nearby office block. In addition, the lake water is used in their cooling systems. Swedish people have some serious innovators!

Stockholm was hosting a marathon with the finish line right outside the Palace, which meant that the Changing of the Guard was cancelled. Disappointing! So I simply wandered around Gamla Stan and then Hopped On the boat and then Hopped Off at Djurgarden.

ABBA Museum – if I didn’t go into the museum, does that make me any less a devout ABBA fan? You have to plan your extra excursions carefully or, quite simply, you will run out of money so I decided to pass on this. At least I got to see it from the outside and wander the gift shop. When I left, I turned up the ABBA tunes on my iPod and moved on down the street just like a Dancing Queen!!

What do you do when 11 of the 12 seats in the outside section of the boat are taken up by 11 Argentinian Doctors and you don’t want to sit inside? Well, you take the empty seat, which is exactly what I did. They did the ‘wave’, then said ‘Señorita, you wave” so I had to put down my stuff and initiate the next ‘wave’ all around the back of the boat. Fun times, even if it was only for 15 mins!!!

Vasa Museum – The Vasa ship, the original Titanic, sank on her 1628 maiden voyage just 1300 metres out into Stockholm’s harbour and was salvaged in 1961, in front of thousands of Swedes, almost completely intact. Apparently, it was too tall and too skinny (to put it simply). The carvings are something to behold, so ornate and intricate. The museum is pretty dark but there are 5 viewing levels to see it from all angles. Admission is 130sek, about $20CDN.

Got to bed really late. With it being so light out until 11pm, it throws everything off and, before I realize it, it’s 1:00am.


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