Trakai Island Castle   1 comment

2016 Lithuania, Trakai Castle Drawbridge


The original capital of Lithuania, Trakai town was the place of residence for royalty and  nobility. Construction began in 1410 under the rule of the Grand Duke Kęstutis, and was finished 20 years later by his son Vytautas. For the commoners, the colour of the house denoted who lived inside: single females in yellow houses, single men in green houses and married couples in the brown ones.

I feel like I should be wearing a long, medieval hooded velvet dress as I make my way over the bridge and into the castle. With my basket of freshly picked fruits from the nearby forest, I cross the drawbridge to my handsome knight who waits for me to hand feed him wild strawberries and raspberries…yeah, right!

Back to present day Lithuania and me standing with my mouth agape at the sight in front of me. You know when you see a photo online and you think, it won’t look like that when I get there…? Well, the castle looks exactly how it looked online. It is breathtaking. Set in a lake, surrounded by water on all sides, this is the stuff of fairytales just like the one I imagined I was in with my basket of fruit.


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