Red Carpet Attire and a Palace Lunch   Leave a comment

Rundale Palace was built in the 15th century and in the 1920’s some of its rooms were used as a primary school.

Preparing for my red carpet entrance, I put on the supplied little blue cover ups. My flip-flops just fall off so I’m essentially walking around barefoot in my booties. Talk about feeling completely at home in a palace! “Hmm, now how do I get to the kitchen to make  a snack?”.

To be honest, I didn’t see too much inside. It was such a gorgeous day that I wanted to take advantage and roam the gardens. They are separated into a variety of bosquets (groves) with each one a different species of plants, a children’s garden, peonies, fruit trees, a labrynth (which I couldn’t find, let alone find my way out of, lol!), and more.

We spotted many storks along the countryside so it was nice to see them here too, with their huge nest on the roof of the palace and two babies peeking out. Apparently they arrive here in May to give birth and then head back to Africa. Haven’t seen one fly yet but still hoping!

With my camera aimed at the Chinese Pagoda, I suddenly heard a flush and a man stepped out….of the toilet! Who knew?

Jurmala (pronounced Yurm-a-la) – developed as a resort after the Napoleonic war. The town has mandated that no buildings can be constructed taller than the trees (what a great rule!). There is still the odd Soviet-era building here but the majority are luxurious homes and villas that have been restored and they are stunning (sorry, the only pics I had were from inside the bus and not very good so you’ll have to go take a look yourself). Strawberries were first planted in Jurmala in 1877 and were shipped to royalty in St Petersburg (such luxury!).

Jurmala is where I stepped off the sidewalk into a strip of newly painted road without even realizing it. My daughter used to tell me I was oblivious but I thought that phase was over. Obviously not! Apparently the painter just shook his head and threw his hands up in the air, lol! Oh well, I’ll go home with a strip of white Latvian paint on the bottom of my flip flops and memories of ‘the incident’.


Posted July 9, 2016 by Jaclyn in Travel

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