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2016 Latvia Riga Building on Alberta Iela

Alberta Iela Building

Alberta Iela – I absolutely love this street, it’s an architects delight. Not that I’m an architect but even I can appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these art nouveau buildings.

Watch where you walk on the cobbles because you have to continually look up or you will miss the best parts. I never get tired of craning my neck because every building is different, unique and amazingly eye-catching.

As I was looking up at a certain building, this was the conversation (imagine Random Guy with a Russian accent):

Random Guy: “See dragon?”
Me: “No, where?”
Random Guy pointing: “Up there”
Me: “Oh right”
Random Guy: “See?”
Me, laughing: “No”
Random Guy, pointing, again: “Look…there”
Me: “Ooooh yes, now I see it”
Random Guy: “Good!”

He walked away and I stayed, still peering up and before I knew it he came back and said “You don’t see it?”. I laughed and admitted I didn’t. It was just like a scene out of a Friends episode.

Riga is certainly not overrun with tourists – it’s so nice to be able to shoot photos without a bunch of strangers in them.

Livu Square – beautiful flower beds and outdoor cafes, a great place to sit and watch the world go by!

Dome Square – seven streets feed into the largest square for a host of various activities and events.

George Armitstead with his wife and Chow Chow – he was Mayor of Riga in 1901 and is known as one of Riga’s greatest leaders.

I love the contrast of brightly coloured flowers against an old building and you also see many people carrying single stems or bunches whenever there is a family or cultural event.

This photo was taken from the bathroom of the Skyline Bar on the 26th floor, hence the reflection of the glass.

P2016 Latvia Riga View from 26 Floor Bar Bathroom

View from Skyline Bar



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