Turaida Castle and the Baltic Chain   2 comments

2016 Latvia View from Turaida Castle

View from Turaida Castle

Turaida castle is surrounded by the Gauja valley, lakes and a dense, lush forest. I wish I could see an aerial view of this place with the deep red brick of the castle contrasting with the green foliage and the beautiful blue sky. See? Just one more reason for me to have my own plane!


Construction of the main castle began in the 13th century with additional towers being added over a period of the next couple hundred years. Ravaged by fire in 1776, it was left in ruin for another 200 years when it was then reconstructed. As you can see from the photo, restoration work is still ongoing.


These footprints depict a show of peaceful defiance and solidarity against the Soviets in 1989 when 2,000,000 people across the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia formed a 600km human chain. The red granite ones are in Riga, the remaining ones were all found in Tallinn, Estonia.

Click here to view an extremely moving video I found about the Baltic Chain and I dare you to watch and listen (turn up your speakers) and not shed a tear.



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2 responses to “Turaida Castle and the Baltic Chain

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  1. Turaida Castle sure is an amazing sight, especially when viewed from the old castle in Sigulda. 🙂

    • Oh, interesting. Thanks Jesper, I will be sure to check that out if I ever go back there. It was still pretty impressive from the castle itself with the surrounding trees and lakes 😉

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