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2016 Estonia Tallinn TowerTallinn – the place I am most excited to visit out of all my stops on this trip. This Estonian capital is the gateway between Europe and Russia and I’m hoping for a little glimpse of the architecture I would have seen had I gone to St Petersburg.

At first glance, I realize how few tourists there are here since Tallinn is still relatively undiscovered. A shame in one way, but great for me, no crowds or lines for anything and I love it when I can get photos without strangers in them.

All-Linn (Lower Town) – explore the many streets which branch out from the Town Hall Square
Toompea (upper town) – fabulous view of the city below

The Town Hall tower, built in 1402, is only 115 steps – not a bad climb but made harder by the fact that the steps were incredibly steep. Well worth the bird’s eye view at the top though.


After descending the tower, I’m transported back to a different era and it’s not my imagination like it was at Trakai Castle, this is real. Medieval Days – an annual event with market stalls, musicians and townsfolk in period costume and a medieval show with knights and court jesters.

My waiter at lunch was a younger, fairer version of Mr Bean. I noticed as soon as he took my order but didn’t say anything to the couple seated near me. They were Swedes so I figured they wouldn’t know the name but all of a sudden, the man turned to me and whispered, “Have you heard of Mr Bean?”. It cracked me up and I couldn’t stop smiling every time I heard the waiter speak.

Fun Words:

Fat Margaret – an artillery tower
Kiek in de Kok – translates to ‘Peep into the kitchen’ because this could be done from the tower
Terviseks – Cheers!



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