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Straight From The Puppy’s Mouth   Leave a comment

Groucho Marx once said “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read”. I love that and think it’s hilarious as you’d expect it to be, considering the source.

So what is it like inside of a dog? Um, I mean a dog’s mind. I sometimes think I know the words that swirl around in Honey’s brain when I talk to her or tell her to do something and, at other times, I feel like I totally don’t have a clue (no comments from the peanut gallery, please!).

So, back to Honey. You see, she does this thing. This thing where she sits in front of us with her two pretty eyeballs fixated on whatever snack we happen to be munching on. Licking her lips, every strand of fur on her begins to literally shake with excitement at the thought of a mere morsel finding its way down to her level. And believe me, if it did, she’d be on it at a speed that would challenge Usain Bolt.

To stop her from begging, we firmly issue the command “Go sit in your bed”. We’re very strict dog-owners and she always obeys but this time…nothing, nada, zip. We say it again and clearly hear her mumble “Take a hike” as she turns her head away from us and firmly takes a stand (or rather a sit) in the name of all that is yummy and juicy. While she steals glances out of the corner of one eye – we know because we see her eyebrow fur moving – she is convinced that because we can’t see her face, we no longer think she is there.

Eventually the head swivels back towards us and the lip-licking, all-over-body-shake begins once again, this time with a little whimpering thrown in for good measure. Repeating the command “GO SIT IN YOUR BED” a tad more sternly results in the same turn of the head accompanied by that look of pure rebellion that says “You can’t make me”. We repeat the scene over and over again because, let’s face it, it’s simply too funny. Of course, it also puts us back a few lessons in the training manual…but hey, if you can’t have some fun with your dog, what’s the point of having one.


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