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The Stunning Isle of Capri   2 comments

Road to Sorrento

A car picked us up in Pompei for the drive to Sorrento and en-route we passed through a seriesĀ of tunnels, the last of which was about 3km long. We thought we’d never see the sunlight again but there it was. I was snapping photos like crazy as we whizzed around bends so our driver pulled over for a better view of the coastline. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pompeii   Leave a comment

The Appenines

The Appenines

Leaving Rome and the region of Lazio, we’re headed south on the Autostrada del sol (Highway of the Sun). The Apennines meander alongside and are dotted with the odd monastery or white crucifix atop the hills. At one point, there were even some wind turbines. It wasn’t pretty seeing them, they ruin the landscape, but I remember thinking it’s good they are so far away from people. Read the rest of this entry »

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