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Looking For El Sol   Leave a comment

So, we’re on our way to Spain to look for the sun that’s been somewhat shy in the UK. We’re currently flying somewhere over France and from what I saw earlier of the route we’re supposed to be taking, I can’t figure out the mountain range below us. The Captain enters the cabin to make a pit-stop and I say to Shay “OMG, who’s flying this thing?”. Seriously, it was a joke. I am the least nervous flyer you will ever meet. I LOVE everything about it, from start to finish and everything in between, but I couldn’t resist. I asked the flight attendant if she knew what the mountain range was…she didn’t but said she would ask the pilot. Turns out he didn’t know either. “What the $%^&?”. If he doesn’t know the terrain below us, how the heck does he know where we are? Read the rest of this entry »


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Looking For Merrylegs   Leave a comment

Nestled between one of the UK’s largest ports and a coastal resort town is the New Forest National Park and I’m excited to show Shay where I spent some of my growing up years.  I had previously researched and decided on Stable #1 where we could ride the ponies into the depths of the forest but, Read the rest of this entry »

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